January 24, 2013

A fun and scientific CAL

You know I love a great crochet along (CAL)! So as soon as I saw Bernat's new super fun and quite scientific CAL, I knew I had to join in the fun.

I am so not a fan of science or math, but for a short time while I was a kid I wanted to be a weather forecaster. For the life of me I can't remember why, but I did/do have a fascination with hurricanes. I think growing up in Florida and going through many tropical storms and hurricanes might have sparked my interest. In any case, I gave up on that dream really quickly once I figured out I needed to know a ton of math. But the really cool thing about this CAL is I will be able to live out a forecasting fantasy, even if for a brief time!

This CAL is also a KAL (knit along), so both crocheters and knitters are able to join. Yay! And the really fun part is there is a purpose to this CAL/KAL, here comes the science. :) In order to make your project, Bernat is suggesting a scarf, you must track the temperature daily. You can choose your hometown, favorite city, or a place you have always wanted to visit, decide on the colors for your temperatures, and crochet a row or two of the temperature color each day. I've chosen the city where I live now, although I really contemplated choosing a super cool city, like Venice or London.

I am changing the rules on my project, slightly. Instead of crocheting a scarf I am going to crochet an afghan. I will be using Bella Dia's Vintage Vertical Stripe Afghan pattern. It is a very simple pattern and one I can definitely work with on a daily or weekly basis.

The suggested yarn for this project is Bernat Satin. I actually have a couple of skeins from that line as well as other Bernat yarn, but instead of buying the missing colors I went through my stash and grabbed some Lion Brand and Red Heart yarn to complete my temperature ranges. I'm so happy to be able to destash with this CAL!

I am pretty sure I'll be using an H hook too. I don't want to use too big of a hook or the rows will end up being too high. This afghan will have at least 365 rows, so it is going to be BIG anyway!

Here is my afghan "thermometer":

Below 32°F - dusty purple 
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
33 to 35°F - lilac 
Red Heart Jamie Classics
36 to 45°F - light blue 
Red Heart Super Saver
46 to 55°F - lagoon 
Bernat Satin
56 to 65°F - soft fern 
Caron Simply Soft
66 to 75°F - yellow 
Bernat Super Value
76 to 85°F - peach 
Red Heart Jamie Classics
86 to 95°F - goldfish
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
96 to 100°F - pink 
Red Heart Super Saver
Above 101°F - rose 
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice - (I hope to never use this one!)

For the most part, I am making my thermometer in ten degree increments so it is easier for me to figure out. But, I would also like to see how many below freezing days we have in 2013, so the lower temps are in smaller increments. I'm going to be following the temperatures via the Weather Channel and my local news station.

I thought it would be fun to include some weather phenomena too. They are:

Ice/Sleet/Freezing Rain - pixie
Red Heart With Wool
Snow - white 
Bernat Berella 4
Fog - silver grey
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
Wind - teal
Bernat Satin
Tornado - black 
Bernat Berella 4
Tropical Storm/Hurricane - cherry red 
Red Heart Super Saver

Snow is really the only thing I will be happy to include in my project, although I would like to track the windy, foggy, and icy days too. We get a lot of wind, fog, and ice in the Carolinas, and I'm curious to see exactly how much we will actually get this year. I DO NOT want to include black at all!

The CAL/KAL officially starts on February 1, but I have decided to include January as well. I'm going to try to get my January rows done before the first, if possible. I already know I'll be adding a snow, ice, wind, and fog row. Fun!

You can view the official info, here. So go ahead and join in the fun!

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